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Photo Guidelines

To achieve the best results for your pet pawtrait it’s important to send us a really good image of your pet for our designers to work with.

Below are a number of guidelines and tips for you to follow when taking photos of your pet to send to us.


Eye level and straight on

Getting down to the same level as your pet will make it easier to capture your pet up close and take you’re photo when they are looking straight at the camera. A treat above the camera often does the trick!


Close Up

Close up photos work the best, so we can see their unique facial features.


Good Lighting

Natural light always results in the best photos, try taking your pet’s photo in the morning, early evening, or in a well lit room.


Clean Backgound

Avoid sending us photo’s with a busy background, a nice clean single colour background produces a much better picture for us to work with. 


Entire Head Shot

Make sure your pet’s entire head is in picture (no ears are out of the photo)


Avoid Blurry Shots

Avoid sending blurry pictures that have been taken in low light situations. 

Good Photo Examples
Bad Photo Examples